Bellepierre Blush in Shades Autumn Glow and Suede

I’m a big fan of the Bellepierre brand as the Compact Mineral Foundation is a permanent staple in my make up bag. I have a few other Bellepierre products so today I am going to review two of the Bellepierre blushers. The blushers come in a sifter jar which is convenient so you do not lose too much product, and especially necessary in my opinion as the blushers are loose powders rather than compact.

The first shade is called Suede. It is a lovely warm, brown shade with a slight red tint when you look at the powder in the pot, but when applied to skin it looks like a beautiful deep, pink shade. The glitter in this blusher is really minimal which I prefer and the blusher is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. It is a perfect shade for darker skin tones, as even a little light application gives cheeks a soft pink blush that’s still noticeable.  The texture is really lightweight and soft and application is easy as the sifter jar only gives you as much product as you need which is not a lot.

The next shade is Autumn Glow. This blusher is more of a lovely, warm peachy shade. I found that this blusher had far more glitter pigments then Suede which made me think it would work better as a highlighter. The colour doesn’t show up too much on my skin so as a blusher, I wouldn’t recommend it for darker skin. The texture is the same as Suede, it’s lightweight and soft but I found it to be less pigmented so you need to build the colour with a few applications. I found it worked better when I used it to highlight my cheekbones but I still feel this colour did not work for me. However, it would be lovely for those of you with lighter skin as it would give you a wonderful beach, sunkissed look.

Overall both products were fantastic, I would definitely recommend Suede for darker skin. It really is a perfect shade and it is so hard to find a lovely pink blush that really shows up clearly but this shade really does the trick! For those of you who have lighter skin and are looking for a beautiful peach glow than I highly recommended Autumn Glow.



  1. shinylittlepearls · November 10, 2016

    Welcome back!!!

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  2. Arohii · November 2, 2016

    Welcome back sweetie..great review !!! 😊😊

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