Everything From Dorothy Perkins

Everything From Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins ribbed shirt
£25 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins lace cape
£20 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins black pantyhose
£5.61 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins blue stiletto
£48 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins mini tote
£20 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins pendants necklace
£11 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins sparkle jewelry
£11 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins black floppy hat
£15 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins navy glove
£6.31 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins polka dot umbrella
£8.41 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins navy blue scarve
£6.31 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins oversized glasses
£5.61 – dorothyperkins.com


New Look

New Look


Pattern t shirt

Red slim fit blazer
£15 – newlook.com

Dark red boots

Black jet jewelry

Black jet jewelry

Black jet jewelry

Black wool fedora

Floral print scarve

Preppy sunglasses

Sticker nail polish

Everything From Miss Selfridge

Everything From Miss Selfridge


Miss Selfridge crop tank
£16 – lordandtaylor.com

Miss Selfridge coat
£74 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge beige skirt
£43 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge black bootie
£56 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge rose jewelry
£9.15 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge metal jewelry
£7.74 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge earrings jewelry
£6.33 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge faux fur scarve
£15 – missselfridge.com

Miss Selfridge felt hat
£15 – missselfridge.com

Everything From Wallis

Everything From Wallis

Wallis lace sleeveless top
£25 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis slim jacket
£31 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis pocket pants
£21 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis mesh shoes
£33 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis purse tote
£68 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis gold bracelet bangle
£13 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis rhinestone bangle
£6.36 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis gold tone ring
£8.47 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis yellow gold jewelry
£8.47 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis layered chain necklace
£15 – wallisfashion.com

Collection Eye Brow Kit

I’ve mentioned before my go to kit for eyebrows which can viewed here however, recently I completely ran out and needed to buy one immediately. I could not find the Beauty UK kit anywhere and could not wait to order it online so decided to try an alternative. Since I love the range of products from Collection I went for the Eye Brow Kit I saw on promotion in store.


They have two palettes, one for blondes and another for brunettes so I picked the brunette palette. Two significant plus points about this kit compared to my usual one is that it has a small mirror which is ideal when you are in a rush, the other is the amazing eye brow gel that is included. The eye brow gel applicator looks like a mascara brush and the gel is clear. The texture is not too thick so feels lightweight and does not move the powder product from eye brows. I use the darkest shade in the palette and the powder texture is smooth and looks like eye shadow but is far more longer lasting. The gel really helps keep the brow powder in place and I do not need to reapply again all day! The eye brow applicator comes with a flat end and an angled end. I personally like using my old applicator just because I’m used to it. The other colours are nice to use as eyeshadow when I want to create a neutral look or as part of a subtle smokey eye look. Just so you know the difference:

This is the Blonde Pallette
This is the Brunette Pallette
The palettes are currently on offer in both Superdrug and Boots for £2.99 (usually £3.99)

All From River Island

All From River Island


River Island orange top
£45 – riverisland.com

River Island poncho cape coat
£77 – riverisland.com

River Island white knee length skirt
£31 – riverisland.com

River Island strappy cami
£31 – riverisland.com

River Island strap pumps
£91 – riverisland.com

River Island zip top tote

River Island twisted necklace
£14 – riverisland.com

River Island gemstone stud earrings
£8.42 – riverisland.com

River Island anklet jewelry
£8.42 – riverisland.com

River Island gem jewelry

River Island beige fedora

River Island lens glasses

Subtle Style

Subtle Style


Alexander McQueen blouse
£470 – matchesfashion.com

Alexander McQueen jacket
£1,530 – alexandermcqueen.com

Over-the-knee socks
£6.96 – stylesforless.com

Gianvito Rossi nude shoes
£460 – shop.harpersbazaar.com

Givenchy leather purse
£1,245 – lindelepalais.com

Michael Kors watch
£205 – lordandtaylor.com

Kendra Scott charm necklace
£135 – zeeberry.com

Tom Ford cat eye glasses
£305 – barneys.com

Bow hair clip

Givenchy lipstick
£210 – neimanmarcus.com

Christian Dior nail polish
£20 – bergdorfgoodman.com

Olives with a splash of Cream- All From Marks and Spencer

Olives with a splash of Cream- All From Marks and Spencer


M S Collection cream blouse

M S Collection over coat

M S Collection stretch skirt

M S Collection cotton camisole

Opaque pantyhose

M S plunge bra

M S silk knicker

Beauty product

Collection Lipstick Shade China Rose – Great For Warm Skin Tones

I love finding brown nude lipsticks that actually suit my skin tone and I love it even better when it only costs £2.99! The Lipstick I’m talking about is from Collection’s Lasting Colour Lipstick range in Shade 9 China Rose.



The colour is a warm brown but has a soft pink undertone. It has a high shine glossy finish so lips look and feel hydrated which is particularly useful for me as my lips tend to dry out a lot usually. Despite it being a nude shade, the pink undertone it has means it stands out more and makes lips look more vibrant.


I love using this lipstick when I have heavier eye make up as it compliments it, but is also great to use for everyday wear as it is not an overpowering colour. Another way I use this shade is I blend the China Rose lipstick with a red lipstick I have as the brown shade helps tone down the red a little more. I love the Collection range so I am looking forward to trying more shades, but this is a great lipstick as its long lasting and glossy and this shade works really well with my skin tone. 

Available at:

Smart & Stylish- Everything From Oasis

Smart & Stylish- Everything From Oasis


Oasis red knit sweater

Oasis tailored jacket

Oasis camel pencil skirt

Oasis flat evening shoes

Oasis leather shopper bag

Oasis stretch jewelry

Oasis pave diamond earrings

Oasis black leather glove

Oasis sparkly scarve

Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak

Lately my hair has been especially dry, this is probably made worse by the cold windy weather so I felt like I needed some treatment to revive my hair back to health. I came across a hair mask from Kiehl’s called Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak which I bought while on holiday in New York but is thankfully available here in the UK aswell. The mask is a good size and contains lots of lovely things like Antioxidant Rich Sunflower, Apricot Oils and Vitamins B3, B5 and B6. It is also silicone and paraben free.

I do colour my hair occasionally so I feel like the shine has consequently reduced. This mask claims to help provide a boost of healthy shine and vibrancy and repair chemically processed hair. I brushed my hair to remove knots and tangles and applied the mask directly to my hair while it was dry. The texture was like a lightweight cream so felt really nice and was easy to apply as it was smooth, as oppose to sticky or oily like some masks tend to be. The smell was really refreshing and sweet which was because of the apricot oils I’m assuming since it has a fruity fragrance. The lady at the Kiehl’s counter told me the longer I leave it on the more effective it will be on my hair so I left it on for about 15/20 minutes.
It was really easy to rinse out and my hair was tangle free and smooth. After drying my hair I was so impressed with how much healthier my hair felt. It looked healthy and vibrant just as the product claimed. My hair has not looked this shiny in such a long time and I could really tell that this mask contained nourishing ingredients as my hair felt so refreshed and repaired from damage of colouring and styling.
The mask is priced at £27 but it really works so it’s genuinely worth the price. Also the tub is a good size so the product will last a long time especially since it only needs to be used once a week. So if your hair needs some tlc then this is the product to restore your hair back to health!
Available at