Orange Colour Corrector Alternative – Collection Lasting Colour Mango Crush

I’ve mentioned before in a prior blog post that I have discoloration around my mouth and under my eyes. Those areas are a darker Brown than the rest of my face. The way I hide this is by colour correcting using an orange corrector. My go to corrector is LA Girl Pro Conceal Orange Corrector, however recently it ran out and I only realised on a day I had to go out. I wanted to find an alternative I could use where I could buy it locally on my high street so headed for Superdrug. I’ve heard of people using lipstick so opted to look for a deep orange lipstick. The reason I didn’t look for a Colour Corrector is because the ones I’ve seen in Boots and Superdrug tend to be too light orange for my skin tone. Luckily I found a really good deep Orange Lipstick from Collection for only £2.99 in shade 3 Mango Crush.



The lipstick is very pigmented so use sparingly. I lightly dot it on my skin and blend with my fingers. When you apply foundation on top don’t spread the brush around the Orange areas, just dab it on using a stippling brush as that way the Orange won’t spread to areas of your face where it isn’t needed. I found the Orange was very easy to cover with foundation and worked just as well as the colour corrector I normally use. I find the texture of LA Girl to be smoother however so would say it is still my favourite option but this Lipstick from Collection is an excellent alternative for darker skin tones.


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