Everything From Wallis

Everything From Wallis

Wallis lace sleeveless top
£25 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis slim jacket
£31 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis pocket pants
£21 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis mesh shoes
£33 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis purse tote
£68 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis gold bracelet bangle
£13 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis rhinestone bangle
£6.36 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis gold tone ring
£8.47 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis yellow gold jewelry
£8.47 – wallisfashion.com

Wallis layered chain necklace
£15 – wallisfashion.com


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